Magnet Forensics built the Artifact Exchange for the digital forensics community. The exchange allows forensics professionals to upload the artifacts they have built, and help their peers with their cases, or download artifacts others have built to help with their own cases.

Visit the Artifact Exchange to access Custom Artifacts created by the forensics community.
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The Artifact Exchange gives the forensics community the tools they need to build and access unsupported apps.

The artifacts shared will leverage the Magnet AXIOM API to integrate into cases being worked with AXIOM.

AXIOM enables users to easily build a custom artifact if there is an artifact or app that they need to recover data for, but isn’t yet supported natively by the tool. AXIOM supports XML or Python artifact development.

Watch our How To video, which covers XML and Python development, integrating a Custom Artifact into AXIOM, and using the Artifact Exchange.

Check out documentation, sample code, and more resources to get started in the Artifact Exchange

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