Magnet Forensics and Grayshift, makers of GrayKey, have partnered to offer law enforcement agencies the most advanced investigations on iOS devices available today — advancing our common goal to empower law enforcement agencies to seek justice and protect the innocent.

GrayKey is now available for purchase from Magnet Forensics in select countries worldwide. GrayKey is only available to law enforcement agencies.

Magnet AXIOM and GrayKey — The Most Advanced Solution for iOS Investigations

Use GrayKey as your primary tool for acquiring images from locked and unlocked iOS devices

  • Whether the passcode is known or unknown, a GrayKey extraction is the most robust method to obtain data from an iOS device
  • Most forensic tools are limited to an iTunes backup, which greatly limits the data that’s available to collect on iOS. GrayKey extractions allow for full file system images of iOS devices, enabling better analysis results in AXIOM.
  • When devices are lawfully acquired, GrayKey also provides the benefit of unlocking iOS devices when the passcode is unknown
  • GrayKey helps preserve the chain of custody since the devices no longer have to physically leave the forensic lab.
  • Built for law enforcement – a cost-effective solution that labs of any size can use in-house

Magnet AXIOM – The best solution for processing GrayKey images

  • Magnet AXIOM provides the most comprehensive analysis and reporting capabilities on a GrayKey image available today
  • When used in combination, you get the most complete picture of the evidence — all in a workflow that’s been designed to be as easy to use as possible

GrayKey AXIOM diagram

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