Simple, Powerful Case and Lab Management

You are making do with band-aid solutions for workflow and case management: cobbling together spreadsheets, different databases, Word docs, and tools that aren’t made for forensics cases.

You need an easy-to-use solution that organizes cases and resources without the need for excessive training.

Magnet ATLAS is a case management solution that brings together evidence management, resource and workforce management, ticketing and case submission management, budget management, and more.

ATLAS was designed from the ground up to simplify and consolidate digital forensic case and lab management


You need to protect the chain of custody for digital evidence and manage teams and resources in every case — all while being able to find and use relevant information from older cases quickly.

ATLAS provides digital evidence management and archiving that allows teams to understand how the evidence was handled and where to find it in the future.

ATLAS builds statistics as you enter information, so you won’t have to comb back through past cases when you need to provide them to leadership.

Magnet ATLAS in Action


Gone are the confusing and cluttered screens that pass for case management. Each task flows smoothly to the next allowing you to do more in less time.

ATLAS uses a clean, intuitive interface to help users get started with very little training.


ATLAS enables you to manage case submissions and work tickets in 3 easy steps.

Magnet ATLAS Diagram

With ATLAS, all the parts of your organization work in unison to provide unprecedented efficiency, regardless of the OS they are running. ATLAS works through common browsers on Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile.


ATLAS is a truly collaborative end-to-end product for your entire team, including external partners across the globe. It combines every facet of case management while ensuring that case data, asset tracking, financial information, and more can be quickly and easily shared.

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  • Global Collaboration on Any Case
  • Unlimited Client Base
  • Permanent Case Archives
  • Chain of Custody Preservation
  • Complete Exam Documentation
  • Curriculum Vitae Management
  • Asset Management
  • Local or Remote Browser Access
  • Consolidation of All Case Information
  • Automatic Statistics Generation
  • Barcode Generation
  • ICAC and Cybertip Management for Law Enforcement
  • Financial Information Management
  • Lab Expenses Analysis
  • Grant Documentation Management
  • Project Expense Accountability
  • Invoice Generation
  • Process Review Facilitation
  • In-field Evidence Triage
  • Scalability to Grow with Your Needs
  • Secure 256-bit Encryption
  • Standardized, repeatable process management
Magnet AXIOM

For deeper analysis with enhanced data views and detailed keyword searches from artifacts and file systems, try Magnet AXIOM.