MAGNET IEF TM is used by thousands of forensics professionals around the world to find, analyze and report on the digital evidence from computers, smartphones and tablets.


Do you need to take your examinations further?

Magnet AXIOM offers a full suite of examination tools. It speeds up image acquisition and processing and has powerful analysis tools for filtering and visualizing data quickly and intelligently.

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Why Digital Forensics Experts Choose IEF

Find More Evidence

Find More Evidence

MAGNET IEF’s powerful search capability recovers evidence from hundreds of types of digital forensic artifacts. Find evidence that you didn’t know was there and that can’t be recovered by other tools.

Save Time

Save Time

A single Magnet IEF search automates the recovery of hundreds of types of digital forensic artifacts. There’s no need to run multiple scripts or waste time manually parsing and carving.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Magnet IEF’s intuitive user interface makes it easy for investigators of all experience levels to find critical evidence for their cases and investigations. Because you have forensics tools that require in-depth training, Magnet IEF is a forensic tool that’s both powerful and user friendly.


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One of the many challenges computer forensic examiners face nearly every exam is the depth and use of social media.

I found IEF to be a high-value, in-depth, and relevant tool for nearly every exam. Easy navigation to easy exporting of results will make your exams more complete and timely.

― Detective, Oregon State Police, Computer Crimes Unit

Integrated Analysis of Evidence from Multiple Computers, Smartphones and Tablets

With Magnet IEF you can consolidate the evidence recovered from all the computers, smartphones and tablets related to an investigation into a single case file.

Integrated Analysis

Magnet IEF can recover evidence from a variety of data sources, and integrate them into a single Magnet IEF case file. Build an integrated and comprehensive view of a person’s digital activities regardless of device type or operating system.

Supported Computer
Operating Systems

Windows XP, Windows Vista,
Windows 7, Windows 8,
Windows 8.1, Windows 10,
Mac OSX, Linux

Supported Mobile
Operating Systems

iOS, Android, Kindle Fire
(Android variant), Windows Phone

Supported File



Magnet AXIOM

For deeper analysis with enhanced data views and detailed keyword searches from artifacts and file systems, try Magnet AXIOM.

I use IEF on every grooming, harassment and peer to peer distribution case that I run. The range of items it searches is amazing and the evidence it returns is priceless.

I have just run it on a major child abuse and distribution case and found the evidence I needed on the suspects drives. We, as an office, have had many many cases solved using IEF’s recovered material. The program is also one of the easiest Forensic tools to run and every examiner should have it in his toolbox.

― Detective, Manchester Police Department
Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

Magnet IEF works with the tools you're already using

Magnet IEF is designed to work with popular computer forensics tools like EnCase, FTK, Nuix or X-ways and popular mobile forensics tools like Cellebrite’s UFED OR Micro Systemation’s XRY. Use IEF in combination with these tools to find more digital evidence.

IEF Tools

Supported Forensic Image
File Formats

E01, Ex01, L01, Lx01, AD1, dd, raw, bin, img, ima,
dmg, flp, vfd, bif, vmdk, vhd, vdi, xva, zip, tar

Supported Data
Input Sources

Drives, volumes/partitions, images, files & folders, network shares, volume shadow copies, live RAM captures, physical & logical mobile images, file dumps


Try IEF today to experience high quality data returns on artifact searches for hundreds of data types.

I want to personally thank you for developing this software.

We had a case in New Hampshire where a male party was trying to "hook up" with a young child to commit sexual acts on her. This child was under the age of 16.

With your program, we were successfully able to get the chats on Facebook between her and the target. This information will be very crucial in the case. The Manchester, NH Police Detective that used your software was so impressed that it eliminated steps he would have used to carve data out with EnCase.

― Detective, Manchester Police Department
Manchester, New Hampshire, USA