White Paper: Successful Employee Misconduct Investigations

Download Today! New White Paper: Successful Employee Misconduct Investigations

Employee misconduct—both subtle and egregious forms ranging from time-wasting online shopping, to bullying, sexual harassment, and behavior related to gambling or pornography addiction—is a well-documented problem. When stakeholders in Human Resources (HR) and Legal need to determine whether misconduct has occurred, digital forensics plays a role in a standard, policy-driven investigative process.

Our new white paper describes three steps toward obtaining the key types of evidence often required in employee misconduct investigations:

  1. Target the most relevant data sources. This may only be data from proxy server logs, but it may also need to be matched with data from cloud, computer, and/or mobile.
  2. Find evidence that supports or refutes the claim by cutting through a potentially huge amount of data. AI, keywords, and filters can help correlate evidence across devices to establish activity timelines and prove malicious intent or exonerate the employee.
  3. Report results and collaborate with non-technical stakeholders who need to make a “terminate or don’t terminate” (or “with cause” vs. payout) decision.

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